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Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Rise 20% This Year

In 2021, the average American family paid at least 14% more for Thanksgiving festivities. In 2022, celebratory costs are estimated to rise by 20%. The US Farm Bureau noted that the average American family paid $46.90 in 2020 for Thanksgiving, which rose to $53.31 in 2021 before soaring to $64.05 in 2022. This is a […] read more

Australians Safe from Fifth Jab

After taking four vaccines and failing to curb the transmission of the coronavirus, Australian health officials will not recommend a third booster shot. Health Minister Mark Butler said the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) admitted that a fifth dosage of the mRNA vaccine would have “minimal” effect toward reduction efforts. Australia once had […] read more

Ukraine Supporters & Denial of History

UN Agreement Ukraine 1994 I apologize, the proposal began in 1991 for Russia to join NATO. But the final agreement with respect to Ukraine’s nukes was not in Belgrade but in Budapest. History has been rewritten to support the war against Russia for climate change. I have never seen any account of history that reports […] read more

Market Talk – November 22, 2022

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 increased 170.95 points or 0.61% to 28,115.74 Shanghai increased 3.90 points or 0.13% to 3,088.94 Hang Seng decreased 231.50 points or -1.31% to 17,424.41 Kospi decreased 14.23 points or -0.59% to 2,405.27 ASX 200 increased 42.00 points or 0.59% to 7,181.30 […] read more

Swiss Doctor Locked Away in Mental Asylum for Speaking Against COVID Laws

Dr. Thomas Binder is a Swiss cardiologist with over 34 years of experience in treating respiratory infections. He received a doctorate in immunology and virology, specializing in internal medicine and cardiology, from the University of Zurich. Binder is an intelligent man who was deemed insane by the Swiss government for speaking out against COVID regulations. […] read more

FTX Deep Fake- The Funds are Gone

Over the weekend, a verified account posing as FTX founder SBF posted dozens of copies of this deepfake video offering FTX users "compensation for the loss" in a phishing scam designed to drain their crypto wallets — Jason Koebler (@jason_koebler) November 21, 2022 Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is hiding out in the Bahamas, […] read more

Ukraine & Fake News

QUESTION: Sir, Discussing Ukraine with a friend, I brought up the Belgrade Agreement of 1991. Searching the internet I found one article besides your blog spot that references it. I couldn’t find it. Do you have a copy? Censorship at its finest. Keep up the good work. DK   ANSWER: That is really unbelievable. The agreement […] read more

Market Talk – November 21, 2022

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 increased 45.02 points or 0.16% to 27,944.79 Shanghai decreased 12.20 points or -0.39% to 3,085.04 Hang Seng decreased 336.63 points or 1.87% to 17,655.91 Kospi decreased 24.98 points or -1.02% to 2,419.50 ASX 200 decreased 12.50 points or -0.17% to 7,139.30 […] read more

Retired US General: Whoever Comes After Putin Will be Much Worse

Former Commander of US Army General Ben Hodges admitted that Putin’s successor will be “much worse.” This is what I have warned, as Putin is surprisingly a middle-of-the-road leader compared to others. Hodges believes that the Russian government is already split on the Ukraine war, as many have personally faced sanctions and monetary losses. People […] read more

House Republicans Demand Audit of Ukraine Funding After sending off funds to Ukraine for nine months, people are requesting an itemized bill to find out where billions of taxpayer funds were spent. The newly flipped House called for an audit of Ukrainian funds and a reprioritization to secure America’s own border. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) accused the Biden Administration of […] read more